Logitech keyboard and gives protection to the iPad 2 with a single accessory

As Pedro Aznar today masterfully peels ApplesferaThe SmartCover the iPad 2 is a cover to use. That, I also told us our analysis of the iPad 2.

This means that manufacturers of accessories for Apple tablet have many creative possibilities to complement the standard case (but separate payment) of iPad 2. Look if so until Logitech has been to work with Zaag to put on the market first iPad 2 keyboard. Continue reading


Dell is looking for greener packaging

After the bamboo and greatly reduce the packaging of their products, Dell teams up again with nature to try to keep it. And the same item you have chosen this time is mushroom. Continue reading

AMD 6450, the simplest is presented without noise

This week we attended one of those pitches quiet that, at least, are quite curious. The graphics card AMD 6450 has been officially presented in the market, advertised as a model that will only be sold to manufacturers (OEM, original equipment manufacturer) And very basic specifications. Continue reading

NU Naical Hawkeye, sunglasses to save our summer adventures

Gossip espionage allegedly designed to have the charm capable of outputting the kid within us, even though their benefits are not anything out of this neighborhood. The last device in this type of news we are NU Naical Hawkeye, A glasses sol equipped with a small 1.3 megapixel webcam. Continue reading

A tiny camera the size of a grain of salt

Small day is long. This is the miniaturization, The logical step of the technology that makes up little space we have technology imaginable a few years ago. Up to this point comes Camcorder that we present today.
Continue reading

How has technology advanced. Image of the Week

Can you imagine that now we had remote controls like the picture? This is a patent 1.976, The date on which the television began to reach homes. 35 years have passed since then, and I can not say that evolution has been worse. Continue reading

Apple TV has some image problems with the new update 4.3 iOS

The recent launch by Apple of the new version 4.3 of its IOS was highly anticipated, although it seems that not everything has been an improvement. At least in regard to the second generation Apple TV , since they seem to detect flashes of the screen on some models of HDTVs (currently found in various brands like Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Samsung and Toshiba). Continue reading